REQUALSurf Life Saving members need to ensure their skills and awards are up to date to enable them to both patrol and compete in surf sports events. Skills Maintenance was formally referred to as REQUAL or PROFICIENCY

Requal sessions will be announced in July / August of each year. please click here :

For more information, please refer to: New Skills Maintenance Tool for 2016/17


Refresh your memory for REQUAL
SLSWA Training Videos

There are new refresher resources on the SLS Members Portal. Login at and go to Lifesaving Online and then Courses to use the interactive learning tools.

Course Prerequisites:
Award must be current or have not expired for more than 3 years
Financial member of the Surf Life Saving Club

Course Length:
Bronze Requal 2.5 hours
Surf Rescue Certificate Requal 2 hours
ARTC Requal 30 minutes
Spinal Management Requal 1.5 minutes
IRB Crew Requal minimum 30 minutes (depending on prevailing conditions)
IRB Driver Requal minimum 30 minutes (depending on prevailing conditions)