New Members

If you would like to become a member of North Cott SLSC please contact our office on 9284 2626.

To become an active member, you must undertake a Bronze Medallion course. Please see course information and availability for the upcoming season under the Education tab. If you would like to register for a course, please contact Upon successful completion of the Bronze Medallion you automatically become an active club member, bound by the Constitution and By-Laws of the North Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club (Inc).

Membership Renewals

Membership Renewals for 2017/18 will be sent in August this year. As per the constitution a member who is in arrears as of 1st November shall cease to be a member.

Payment options will be included with the invoices, along with instruction on how to pay online if members wish to. Existing Members can update their details, renew membership and make payment at –

All members of North Cottesloe SLSC are bound by the by-laws of the North Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club (Inc).


Membership Categories


Active Senior

18+ years

Prospective Active Senior members must first complete their SLS Bronze Medallion. This information is available under the Member Education link.

North Cottesloe SLSC only approves new Active Senior membership applications once you have confirmed your availability and have signed up to the next available Bronze Medallion Course. Please refer to our Member Education section for information on upcoming courses. During the first six months of joining they club candidates will be probationary members.

Active Juniors who turn 18 and who hold their SLS Bronze Medallion, automatically become Active Senior members of the Club.

Active Senior Members are required to:

  • Pay annual subscription fee to remain a financial member of the Club
  • Hold the relevant award (Bronze Medallion) and complete the annual skills maintenance testing (Requal) for this award in October/November of each year
  • Complete a minimum of 18 hours of patrol per season (9 hours October-December and 9 hours January-March)

Active Senior Members are encouraged to:

  • Further their lifesaving skills by gaining higher awards such as ARTC, Spinal Management and IRB Crew/Driver
  • Experienced patrol members with good leadership skills are encouraged to become patrol captains continue with their volunteer patrols and are encouraged to gains higher awards and train to become patrol captains
  • Be involved in different areas of the Club by signing up for committees
  • Be active in surf sport competition at Club, Inter-Club, State and National levels


Active Associate

40+ years

Associate membership is for people over the age of 40 and who no longer do patrols but contribute to the Club in other ways (i.e coaching, education, social volunteering etc). Associate members are able to use all the Club facilities. The Constitution of the Club ensures that there can never be more Associates members than Active members, meaning there is often a long waiting list for Associate membership. North Cott encourages its Associates to take an active role in their Club, even though they do not have a patrol requirement.


Active Juniors

13 – 17 years

Active Juniors are required to gain their Surf Rescue Certificate when they turn 13 and their Bronze Medallion award when they turn 15. Active Juniors may choose to compete at Senior Carnivals in Under 14, 15 and Under 17 age groups. They can also become junior Age Group Managers assisting with nipper activities. Active Junior members are required to roster themselves onto patrols and become active patrolling members of the Club.

Active Nippers

5 – 13 years

All members in this age bracket automatically become nippers of the Club and take part in the Club nipper activities on the beach on Sunday mornings. Nippers work towards their relevant Nipper Achievement Certificate for their particular age group each season.

Active Family

Parents of nippers, cadets or active junior members (i.e any member under the age of 18) can become family members of the club. Family members are required to be actively involved in the running of activities concerning junior activities and/or cadets, and are encouraged to undertake training in the Surf Rescue Certificate, SLSWA Bronze Medallion Award or other awards on offer within the club. Members can only remain a family or parent member as long as their child is a nipper, cadet or active junior member. Family members have access to change rooms and general club facilities but do not have access to the gymnasium or any club equipment.

Long Service

Long service membership is awarded to members who have actively contributed to the club for a minimum of 10 years over and above their patrolling requirements. Long service membership must be applied for and the North Cottesloe SLSC Board of Management reviews each application individually. Long service can be granted at any time, but is most commonly awarded and announced at the AGM in July each year.

To assist you with writing your Bronze/Patrol history you can log onto to view your Bronze Award date and also your past patrols (from October 2005 onwards).

Currently the criteria is being reviewed and as such no Long Service applications will be considered for this season.


Existing Active Senior members of the Club can apply for Expatriate membership if they are living overseas or interstate for the duration of a surf lifesaving season. Expatriate members are not required to patrol or requalify their awards although they may only remain expat members while they are living outside of Western Australia.

Membership Fees

Membership Category Fee
Active Associate $515.00
Active Family $650.00
Active Juniors $170.00
Active Nippers $140.00
Active Senior $200.00
Expatriate $75.00
Long Service $200.00
Ski Rack Fee $100.00

Note: A member’s age is determined by their age on 30th September as per SLSA regulations.